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onsen in the snow – hot and cold


for a truly amazing experience, head to the tsurunoyu onsen (hot springs) in akita, japan, around january or february, to ensure that there is a lot of snow. request that you stay in the old part of the guest house – a detached 300 year old uninsulated wooden structure Continue reading

happy new year – make a wish!


wishing you all the best for a happy new year. 2008 promises to be a lucky year – afterall it contains the number 8 for luck in chinese culture, and for those of us “rats” in the chinese zodiac, it is also year of the rat.  i did a bit of math – this auspicious combination of 8 appearing in the calendar year coinciding with year of the rat will not recur in our lifetime, so make the best of this year.  but whatever your belief, make this year a great one. buy a daruma doll (pictured above), and in the tradition of japan, make a wish and fill one eye, and when it comes true fill in the other eye and burn the doll….

H A P P Y   N E W   Y E A R