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stairway to heaven




after a few trips into the desert in the uae, an austrian friend suggested we climb the “stairway to heaven”. little did i know then that this famed destination is one of the most difficult mountain climbs in the uae. Continue reading


dubai, new york, tokyo – alphabetically


these three cities have something in common – i often find it hard to describe or convey the essence of any one of them to someone who has not been there, even the well heeled. and each for a different reason. having lived in all three, i have developed my own set of ways to describe them and it still does not work. Continue reading

climbing mt sinai


as with almost any mountain climb, you will want to start before dawn, so you can reach the summit in time for sunrise.  the view from mt sinai   [2,285 m, 7,497 ft], located in the southern part of the sinai peninsula, egypt,  at sunrise is almost consistently spectacular, Continue reading