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xva – haven within a haven

xva is one of the older and leading contemporary regional art galleries in dubai. located in the less known historic area of dubai on the creek called bastakiyya, Continue reading


e-gate…faster than ‘fast track’


if you reside in dubai, or are a frequent non-resident visitor from countries not requiring a visa into the uae, then e-gate is for you. faster than fast track? Continue reading

gayer anderson house – cairo


ibntoulon0023.jpgsure there are other spots on the tourist itinerary for cairo, but this gem of a house, the gayer anderson house, is a must see.  007 thought it was worth a visit, part of the movie “the spy who loved me” was filmed in the house. Continue reading

the karakoram highway


to get away from it all, go to the karakoram highway – the only land connection between pakistan and china built by the army corps of engineers of both countries. the road goes through the khunjerab pass, the highest paved pass in the world. Continue reading

onsen in the snow – hot and cold


for a truly amazing experience, head to the tsurunoyu onsen (hot springs) in akita, japan, around january or february, to ensure that there is a lot of snow. request that you stay in the old part of the guest house – a detached 300 year old uninsulated wooden structure Continue reading