model planes, trains and automobiles


UPDATE | MUSEUM CLOSED   a little known quirky little museum is tucked on the ground floor, of all places, of the forbes magazine head office building in manhattan – you won’t find this listing in your travel guides. the forbes galleries, as the museum is called, house a toy collection of the forbes family including toy soldiers, historical model ships, board games including the precursor to the now all too familiar monopoly, and many other eclectic, seemingly unconnected, permanent and rotating collections from the forbes family. for all the toys on display, many of the vistors are in fact adults – it is well worth a visit. and best of all it is free. yes, free in new york city. and there is hardly anyone there.

the forbes galleries
62 Fifth Avenue – at 12th Street,
new york city
+1 212 206 5549

sun, mon   closed
tue, wed    10.00 – 16.00
thu             group tours only
fri, sat        10.00 – 16.00




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