alien landing site?

i was quite excited by the thought of discovering an extra terrestrial community, or perhaps a highly classified government project, when i came upon this geometric formation in the middle of the desert, of circles aligned in a perfectly north-south orientation. the arrangement measures approximately 50km [31 miles] across [yellow line in image above] – just to get a sense of scale. there are roads and a landing strip. the location is very remote in the deep south of the western desert in egypt. it all seemed highly suspicious. it was not for another week, after i consulted a friend of mine with travel and research experience in this remote part of egypt, that my excitement was utterly deflated. the image above, represents an area known as east oweinat, which is part of a large and ambitious government  desert reclamation project, known as the south valley development project. the aim is to greatly expand the area of cultivated and habitable land in egypt.  each circle [approximately 800m wide, 0.5 mile] in the google earth image above represents cultivated land which relies primarily on underground water.

google earth coordinates
22° 35′ 00″ N, 28° 31′ 00″ E


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