mt bromo – go ahead climb a volcano

there are several volcanos in indonesia, including the famous krakatao.  in eastern java, indonesia’s main island, its most popular, though perhaps not the tallest or the most impressive looking volcano, is mt bromo [2,329 m, 7,641 ft], recognizable by its missing top – it was blown off during one of its eruptions. to be sure, mt bromo is still active. you can climb (250 steps)to the top of the crater, a precarious narrow edge, look down into the volcano and see the active molten lava. you will also catch more than a whiff of sulphur!  on my way from jogjakarta to bali, i stopped at mt bromo – it was a good way to break the long bus journey, but you can also take a garuda flight from jakarta to surabaya, then drive for 3 hours to get to mt bromo.  make sure you arrive in the afternoon, find a cottage or hotel near the volcano, most likely in cemoro lawang (the closest point to the crater), and get some sleep.  most people get an early start, to catch the sunrise over the landscape which under a full moon looks like a lunar landscape. it’s quite spectacular actually. there are several ways to experience your visit. you can hire a jeep, take a donkey or just walk. i walked – the long way, first going to mt batok, an inactive volcano, and away from all the visitors, then descended into the caldera and on to mt bromo. there are many mountain trails in the area, and if you have the time, it is well worth staying an extra day to hike, and take in the views. you will also likely run into many villagers.

google earth locator
-7° 56′ 24.00″, +112° 56′ 60.00″


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  1. elga

    hello …
    my name is elga and I am asking you a permission to grab one of the photo of Bromo mt. It’s a cool picture…:)

    if you think I am not allowed to grab that picture, please write to me to the email address above


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