gray’s papaya – a classic ny experience


a sign, one of many, on the store exterior, says, “when you’re hungry, or broke, or just in a hurry”.  this faster than fast food hot dog joint has become a veritable manhattan dining experience. i am very familiar with the location on broadway and 72nd street – i keep an apartment on the upper west side.  over the years, i have in fact gone there when i was hungry, when i was broke and when i was just in a hurry, but often i still find myself going there just to grab 2 hot dogs and a papaya juice – and at $3.50, it is practically a steal. the hot dogs are grilled and not steamed like the many sold at the street carts. and you can be sure gray’s dogs are grilled to crispiness. walk up to the counter and ask for “2 well done with sauerkraut”, then go over to the counter and pour as much mustard or ketchup from the oversized industrial containers on your “dogs”. you will surely go back and not for why the sign says. no one knows why they go back for more, but they do, and many of them do for that matter.  and i don’t think it’s because they read zagat’s review.




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