climbing mt sinai


as with almost any mountain climb, you will want to start before dawn, so you can reach the summit in time for sunrise.  the view from mt sinai   [2,285 m, 7,497 ft], located in the southern part of the sinai peninsula, egypt,  at sunrise is almost consistently spectacular, unlike other mountains like mt fuji or mt bromo, that may be covered in thick clouds, or worse, pouring rain.  ask again and again how long it takes to reach the top, and take lots of warm clothes so you won’t do what i did, and arrive more than an hour before sunrise. it is cold up there, several degrees colder than where you start – i climbed in late december, and an hour at the summit is cold. trust me, very cold. the climb turned out to take less time than what i was told. you will be appoached by the bedouins for a camel ride to get you closer, faster – i walked. though in the dark without a flash light, you may want to watch where you step, or you might step into some fresh camel dung. the climb is relatively easy, except towards the end when you have been already climbing for almost 2 hours and you come to the 3,750 steps you will need to cllimb to the summit – anyone in any state of fitness can make it.  it is well worth the climb for the panoramic view of the surrounding mountain ranges, and the reward on the way down is is a tour of the famous st catherine monastery.

google earth coordinates
28° 32′ 23″ N, 33° 58′ 24″





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