e-gate…faster than ‘fast track’


if you reside in dubai, or are a frequent non-resident visitor from countries not requiring a visa into the uae, then e-gate is for you. faster than fast track? yes, a lot faster than fast track. with an e-gate card, simply walk up to the special e-gate turnstiles at the airport, place your card over the designated spot, the first set of turnstiles opens, press your thumb on the designated sensor, and voila, the second gate opens and you are in dubai!  and the best thing is that there are no lines, and if you’ve been to dubai recently, you know immigration lines can be quite long – recently a friend took about 1.5 hours just to get through immigration. with e-gate it is at most 30 seconds. so go ahead, book that economy class ticket to dubai and you’ll be out of the airport and having a drink at your first venue before fellow first class passengers on your flight are even out of the airport. having an e-gate card is worth every fils of the 200 dirhams it costs to acquire one. if this is your first time in dubai, and you do not need a visa, ask at the airport for an e-gate card and get one. if you are already in dubai, go to the dnata building, first floor, on shaikh zayed road near the first interchange, to get an e-gate card made.


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