cultnat – cairo



a relatively unknown, and often overlooked destination by egyptians and tourists alike, is cultnat, the center for documentation of cultural and natural heritage. it is located in the new office park, smart village, on the outskirts of cairo, just before the toll booths on the desert road to alexandria. cultnat operates under the auspices of the biblioteca alexandrina, the new library of alexandria, and is supported by the egyptian government, as well as privately raised funds. it is, as the name suggests, a center whose remit is to document everything about the cultural heritage of egypt, from architecture, art, music, to indiginous flora and fauna. the center often publishes documents and cd’s that show the results of tireless research by its staff and collaborators. the most impressive product is the culturama, an innovative first of its kind interactive 9 screen projection screen where the viewer can travel through egypt’s history and cultural heritage – until you’ve experienced it, any description cannot fully communicate the experience. i highly recommend for anyone interested in egyptian culture, egyptian or expat alike, to visit the center. you will need to contact them to schedule a visit. the website is also a wealth of knowledge.


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