diving…go south!


scuba diving has been my activity of choice during the holiday season.  i got my diving license in the cayman islands a few years back.  but having been on a sea safari in egypt off the red sea coast of the deep south, i noted that the reef formations there are far superior to those of the caymans. there were seven of us on a brand new 8-cabin boat – i had a cabin to myself. we spent a few days sailing, setting anchor at otherwise unnoticeable locations in the middle of the red sea between the coasts of egypt and saudi arabia, and indulging in our chef’s culinary creations three times a day. at US$120 inclusive of room, board, diving gear and all the diving you can do, this is a great bargain.  if you scuba dive, i highly recommend the deep south on the red sea coast in egypt – avoid the more popular sharm el sheikh altogether.  there may be better dives in sharm but its popularity has made the dive sites overrun with divers which defeats the whole purpose, for me at least, of finding serenity and tranquility under water.






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